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What happened to the Angular style guide?

The Angular 2 Style Guide has been moved to the Official Angular 2 docs.

An online VS Code IDE for Angular, Ionic & React

This website is pretty cool. Stackblitz is an online editor for Angular

ng-content and ng-template for Angular 2+ explained

I recently wrote an angular 2+ wizard using ng-content to add “wizard-card’s” into a wizard wrapper. I wish I had read this blog post before ...

What’s new in Angular 5

Angular 5 is almost ready for primetime. Here’s what you need to know. New Features http: deprecate @angular/http in favor of @angular/common/http (#18906) (72c7b6e) common: accept ...

Angular for IoT

Here’s something fun which proves how flexible Angular can be. Uri Shaked shows you how to build the child’s toy “Simon”. View story at Medium.com

Angular 2+ Isolated Tests – the easy way to unit test Angular components and services

In this post I’ll explain a quick and easy way to test your angular components and services. The complete source code for this article is ...

Angular 2+ performance… It’s all about the app.module

If you want your angular app to startup quickly and run smoothly you will need to keep your app.module tidy. Push as many declarations down ...

Make yourself more productive with off the shelf Angular 2+ libraries 

One thing I see a lot of developers doing is reinventing the wheel. There are loads of off-the-shelf angular 2+ libraries out there. My favourite ...

ng build weirdness – package-lock.json

Today I had a problem where ng build — prod worked fine but ng build didn’t. In both cases, there were no build errors but ...