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Angular 5.2 is out and it supports Typescript 2.6

Today the Angular team announced Angular 5.2.0. This minor release is a drop-in replacement for 5.1.

Apple brings PWA’s to Safari

Apple brings PWAs to Safari

Angular 5.1 and Angular CLI 1.6 ready for primetime

Hot on the heels of Angular 5.0 we have Angular 5.1.0. This is a minor release containing several smaller features and bugfixes.

Angular Connect 2017

So that’s a wrap. Angular Connect is over for another year.

Angular Connect 2017, Day 2

It’s day 2 of Angular Connect 2017. I’ll be attending the following sessions.

Angular Connect 2017, Day 1

I’m at the annual Angular Connect conference in London today. I’m looking forward to some great talks. Here’s my schedule. • 09:40 to 10:40 Keynote ...

Angular 5 released today – see what’s new

The Angular team have announced that Angular 5.0.0 is ready for primetime. Angular 5 is a major release containing many new features and bug fixes. My favourite new ...

Angular: ERROR in RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

I was messing around with my Angular website today and I hit a weird error: ERROR in RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded The error message ...

Manchester Angular Workshop – Oct 2017, RxJS Essentials

Manchester Angular Workshop – Oct 2017, RxJS Essentials

Hi, Great to see everyone last night. I hope you found it useful. Here’s a link to that article I was talking about last night. ...

Angular 5 makes it possible to watch prod builds

Angular 5 is nearly here. One of the great new features is the ability to do fast AoT/prod builds. Improvements to the compiler have made ...

John Papa’s: Angular 2 TypeScript Snippets for VS Code

This extension for Visual Studio Code adds snippets for Angular 2 for TypeScript. I use them all the time and highly recommend them. Installation Install ...

Peek into the future: Angular 5 documentation

The Angular team develops everything in the open, including the documentation. The documentation for Angular v5 is already online. Check it out here: https://next.angular.io/docs