What’s new in Angular 5

Angular 5 is almost ready for primetime. Here’s what you need to know.

New Features

  • http: deprecate @angular/http in favor of @angular/common/http (#18906) (72c7b6e)
  • common: accept object map for HttpClient headers & params (#18490) (1b1d5f1)
  • common: generate closure-locale.ts to tree shake locale data (#18907) (4878936)
  • compiler: set enableLegacyTemplate to false by default (#18756) (56238fe)
  • compiler-cli: add watch mode to ngc (#18818) (cf7d47d)
  • compiler-cli: add watch mode to ngc (#18818) (06d01b2)
  • compiler-cli: lower metadata useValue and data literal fields (#18905) (0e64261)
  • compiler-cli: lower metadata useValue and data literal fields (#18905) (c685cc2)
  • platform-server: provide a DOM implementation on the server (2f2d5f3), closes #14638


Breaking changes

  • core: OpaqueToken has been removed as it was deprecated since v4. Use InjectionToken instead.
  • compiler: the compiler option enableLegacyTemplate is now disabled by default as the <template> element has been deprecated since v4. Use <ng-template> instead. The option enableLegacyTemplate and the <template>element will both be removed in Angular v6.

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