Microsoft delivers TypeScript 3.0 – Angular support coming soon.

Microsoft delivered TypeScript 3.0 this week. This is a major release with many breaking changes.

Angular support for TypeScript 3.0 is coming but in the meantime stick with 2.8. Do not upgrade your existing Angular projects because they will break.

So what’s new?

  • Project references
    • –build mode
    • Controlling output structure
  • Extracting and spreading parameter lists with tuples
  • Richer tuple types
  • The unknown type
  • Improved errors and UX
    • Related error spans
    • Improved messages and elaboration
  • Support for defaultProps in JSX
  • ///┬ádirectives
  • Editor Productivity
    • Named import refactorings
    • Closing JSX tag completions and outlining spans
    • Quick fixes for unreachable code and unused labels

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