Manchester Angular Meetup June 2018

Thank you to everyone who attended last nights Manchester Angular Meetup June 2018. The new venue was a roaring success. Here are all the links, pictures and more you need.

The organisers of the Manchester Angular Meetup welcome anyone to contribute. Please bring along your code, examples, questions, presentations. Everyone is welcome. Ping me an email if you need a hand pulling together a presentation.



The slides are available to download here: Manchester Meetup June 2018. is somewhere to share our ideas. It’s more flexible and looks better than

Anyone is welcome to contribute. Drop me a message and I’ll add you. 


Angular for Designers

Moving Design Beyond Pictures

Angular for Designers talk ng-conf by Stephen Fluin

Stephen Fluin is looking for feedback from designers. So watch the video and hit twitter.


European Angular Meetup Bursary

  • The Angular London meetup, in partnership with the AngularConnect conference,  is excited to introduce a new bursary scheme designed to help small meetups afford great speakers.


Angular Contributor Day 2018

Available to watch on YouTube


Angular Template Reference Variables

Wath again: The magic of template reference variables – Alain Chautard


Angular Elements

The instructions and source code the night’s talk are available for download.

(and sign up for daily Angular hints and tips while you’re there)


Feedback Results

Preferred start time: 7:00 (7 votes) 6:30 (1 vote)

Today’s meetup was… a bit too long (1 vote), too short (0 votes), about right (7 votes)

I learnt something new (7 votes)
I could follow along (4 votes)
The talks were interesting (6 votes)
The talks were too long (1 vote)
I want more workshops / more live coding / more interactive (4 votes)



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