How to answer the question: “Why should I upgrade to Angular?”

Here’s a question I hear all the time from clients: “Why should I upgrade to Angular rather than React or Vue?”.

It’s true: React, and to lesser extent Vue, are the cool kids on the block. They are both great solutions. I should know¬†because I’ve written websites using both of them.

However, neither of them offer an upgrade path from AngularJS. So if you choose React or Vue you are looking at a re-write.

Every website I’ve ever seen needed a rewrite at some point. If you are in this boat then I would recommend investigating all the alternatives. I’ll come back to this topic in future.

On the other hand, I see a lot of modern websites, running AngularJS, which don’t need the¬†risk and expense of a full rewrite.

These websites contain a tonne of business logic (and business value). They are the result of thousands of hours of development. Throwing away this work and starting again makes no sense.

So when someone asks me why I recommend upgrading to Angular I say: “because it’s easy”.

Seriously, upgrading to Angular doesn’t have to be hard and over the next few weeks, I’ll explain why.

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