Hands up anyone who likes Protractor?

upgrade to angular

Hands up anyone who likes Protractor? Anyone? No?

If you have used Protractor, for any amount of time, you will have experienced these sort of problems…

  • Arbitrary timers sprinkled throughout the code
  • Webdriver does not wait properly
  • Memory leaks

Most teams hack away with protractor until they get sick of it and then they switch. So what are the alternatives?



cypress angular

The Cypress homepage proudly declares: “Test your code, not your patience.“. That pretty much sums up my experience.

Cypress works with any front-end framework or website (Angular, React, Vue etc.) It can do this because it does not use Selenium (Cypress runs in the same loop as the rest of your code).

Cypress includes a pretty slick Test Runner and Dashboard.

Cypress website

Cypress Blog


Test Cafe

test cafe angular

There are a couple of versions of Test Cafe so you want to make sure you pick the right one.

  • The paid version is expensive but comes with a visual editor (which does not require any coding) and 24/7 support.
  • The free version is open source.

Test Cafe supports all the major browsers (Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Edge etc.) and it works on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux etc.)

I like Test Cafe because it is Self-contained – no need for WebDriver or selenium. This makes it quick to set up and less prone to interop bugs.

2 thoughts on “Hands up anyone who likes Protractor?

  • Hey Darry, Great information keep it coming!! 🙂

    Looks like two good offerings to help move away from Selenium (Spent many hours amongst WaitFor hell!). I’d never heard of Cypress, it looks really concise.

    So which (if either?) of these are you still using?
    Did you experience any issues once past the standard ‘Hello world’ offering?

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