Awesome Angular Components and Angular Material

Awesome Angular Components

How many date-pickers does the world need? How many times have you seen the same problem solved over and over again?

But how do you know if someone has already written the widget you need? Enter awesome angular components.

Awesome angular components is an open list of Angular components grouped by type. It’s my goto list when I’m looking for a component.

Github hosts the list so you can easily submit your own libraries.

Angular Material

However, before reaching for a third-party, I would also recommend looking at Angular Material. It contains many of the components you need to build a modern website.

The official Angular team wrote Angular Material so it has some advantages over a third-party library.

  • first class support
  • modern look and feel
  • fully responsive
  • fast and consistent
  • theming
  • accessible
  • internationalisation built-in

Finally, I’ll quickly mention the CDK (Component Dev Kit) because Angular Material is built on top of it.

The CDK delivers the basic features any modern visual component must support i.e. Accessibility, Bidirectionality, Layout, Observers, Overlay, Portal and Scrolling.

So, if you build a new component on top of the CDK you get all these things for free. Pretty neat.

One more reason why I love Angular.

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