Are you ready to upgrade to Angular?

If you look online you will read many articles that tell you upgrading to Angular is hard. I’m here to prove that is not the case. The secret to an easy upgrade is preparation and you can start doing that today.

The truth is if you aren’t running AngularJS 1.5 (or higher) you aren’t ready to upgrade to Angular.

In fact, if you are thinking of upgrading from an older version of AngularJS you should probably consider all your options. Maybe your site needs a rewrite, not an upgrade?

You should also question why your company hasn’t been keeping up with each new release of AngularJS. You will find it hard to convince a business that doesn’t invest in minor upgrades to invest a major upgrade.

if you are running AngularJS 1.5 I would recommend upgrading to 1.6. It’s a simple upgrade and moves you one step closer to Angular. The experience you will gain doing the upgrade will pay off when you make the leap to Angular 5.

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who is stuck on 1.5. What is preventing you from moving to 1.6?

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