angular.json: The Angular Workspace – part 2

The new angular.json file, aka the Angular Workspace file, looks a little different from the old angular-cli.json file. Here are the two side-by-side.

The new layout is much easier to follow.


The schema property describes the contents of the angular.json file. Don’t change or remove this property because it’s used by Angular (and other tools e.g. VS Code).


The version property refers to the version of the Angular Workspace schema. Don’t change this property. It’s not the version of your app.


Managing multiple projects is getting easier. Hurrah!

The newProjectRoot property lets you change where angular puts new projects. i.e. ng generate application my-project.


Everyone needs to know where to start and the defaultProject property tells Angular which project is the default project. The default project is used, for example, when a component is generated.

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Stay tuned. I’ll explain these properties next.

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