Angular Contributor Day 2018 Review

Angular Contributor Day 2018Yesterday was Angular Contributor Day 2018. It was a huge success with contributors from all over the world coming together online. Watch.

I was struck by how much the Angular community is delivering. Angular has really hit its stride and is moving at internet speed. I was impressed how all this innovation isn’t breaking our existing code. The Angular team’s stated aim is to make updates seamless and so far they have delivered in spades.

You can watch the contributor day on YouTube. Expand the comments to show the agenda. If there is a particular topic you want to hear about you can use the agenda to work out how far to scroll through the video. The topics covered are Angular Bootcamp (training), StackblitzNrwl (enterprise), Rangle (consulting), This Dot  (contributor days), Valor SoftwareNativeScriptStoryBookNgRxCodelyzerClarityCompodoc.

Angular Contributor Day 2018

Angular Contributor Day 2018 Highlights

Bill Odom of gave some interesting insights into Angular uptake. Angular is a hit in the enterprise with requests for Angular training outpacing React and Vue. (00:48:30).

Eric Simons gave a Stackblitz demo. He got the most thumbs up from the viewers. He demoed teleport, a live coding and debugging feature. (00:59:00).

Norbert Delangen demo’d Storybook. I’ve played around with storybook in the past but I don’t use it day-to-day. It looks like the project has come on in leaps and bounds and I will definitely try it again. (02:40:00).

There isn’t space in this newsletter to review every talk. I got value from every single speaker. They were all excellent. If you want to reach out to any of them you will find their contact details on the Angular Contributor Day 2018 website.

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