Angular Console – configuring Angular just got easier

Today, nrwl launched a beta version of their Angular Console. Configuring Angular just got a lot easier.


Angular Console


Angular Console is a GUI for the Angular CLI. So, rather than typing ng buildng serve etc. you can point and click. I love this. It is one less thing for newbies to learn and remember.

Angular Console


Angular Console makes life easier for experts too. A typical command line: ng build –ec -w –aot can run in Angular Console and I can see what each switch is doing (and what else I can configure).


Angular Console




Angular Console is currently in beta and only works with Angular 6+ projects.

Chrome was reluctant to download the installer because it saw it as a threat (I had to jump through a few security prompts to reassure Google I knew what I was doing).

I also found Angular Console a bit sluggish but I’m sure this will improve over time. (Angular Console is an Electron app).

However, I love this app and I would recommend you download it and kick the tires. If nothing else, watch the video.

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