Angular Connect 2018 was roar-some

Angular Connect 2018 had a roar-some theme this year…. it was all about the dinosaurs.

Angular Connect 2018
Angular Connect 2018
Angular Connect 2018

The conference was packed with thousands of people from all over the world.

Two themes emerged from this year’s conference:

  • Angular Ivy (the new renderer)
  • Upgrading from AngularJS 1.x
Angular Connect 2018

Angular Ivy – What to expect

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

During the keynote, given by Igor Minar (the Angular project lead), he confirmed that Ivy will not ship during the 7.x timeframe. However, we will see test builds for early adopters to kick the tyres.

There was no commitment to delivering Ivy in Angular 8 either because the Angular team don’t want to over promise and under deliver.

The Angular team need to get this right because, when Ivy drops, it will be turned on by default for everyone.

Angular Connect 2018

The first version of Ivy will be fully backwards compatible with existing code. The Angular team are testing Ivy inside Google where they have hundreds of Angular projects across the business. We will not see Ivy until all those apps are working.

The first version of Ivy will not include any new features but don’t worry because Ivy is seriously forward leaning. Ivy is an enabler for future improvements and several members of the Angular team spoke about what we can expect.

  • Faster, incremental builds
  • Close JIT and AOT builds
  • Smaller bundles sizes
  • “Paying” only for the features you use (e.g. if you don’t need Zones it won’t be included in the final bundle)
  • Angular Elements will be much smaller.
  • Better error messaging
  • Step into the Angular code when debugging
  • A new way to do lazy loading which does not rely on the router
  • Custom templating. The team are hoping things like NativeScript might one-day compile natively to Ivy
  • Higher Order Components.
  • Excellent i18n support
Angular Connect 2018


The other key theme at this year conference was upgrading from AngularJS 1.x. Lots of speakers gave great talks and workshops discussing how to go about upgrading your legacy AngularJS 1.x code.

When it comes to upgrading there is a lot of good news. There are lots of tools and information out there to make the transition as smooth as possible. If you want to know more check out…

Angular Connect 2018


A couple of my personal highlights were meeting and chatting with John Papa and Ward Bell. Both were generous with their time.

John Papa had a mantra for everyone who uses Visual Studio Code: CTRL+SHIFT+P / CMD-SHIFT-P.

Angular Connect 2018
Angular Connect 2018

Ward Bell hosted a workshop this year. I managed to grab some time with him during a break.

I gave a talk about my experience of using Angular in the real-world. 

Angular Connect 2018

Angular Connect 2018

This year felt a bit more low key than last year because there were no new Angular announcements. Things felt more mature and stable with a lot of the work is going on behind the scenes.

Check out the conference from the comfort of your living room. The talks are on YouTube:

And finally… a date for your diary. Angular Connect 2019 is the 19th and 20th September at a new venue in the centre of London. See you there.

Angular Connect 2018

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