Angular Connect 2017

So that’s a wrap. Angular Connect is over for another year.

For those who don’t know, Angular Connect is a London based conference featuring leading Angular experts from all over the world, including the core Angular team at Google.

There were over 60 talks, workshops and Q and A sessions. People came from all over the world and there was a real buzz in the convention centre.

Of course, the main purpose of any conference is to generate excitement for the product. Angular Connect did not disappoint. There is a lot to be excited about and some really solid and inspiring talks.

The main takeaways were:

  • Angular Version 5 has shipped and is ready for primetime. The upgrade is simple and everyone is encouraged to try it.
  • Performance is improving and file sizes are shrinking all the time. There’s plenty more to come on both fronts.
  • Angular Universal is ready for primetime.
  • PWA + Service Workers. Angular is well placed to exploit both these emerging technologies.

Every talk I attended was brilliant but I’d like to call out a couple I think you should watch on YouTube.

Automatic Progressive Web Apps using Angular Service Worker by Maxim Salnikov

Progressive Web Apps are the next big thing (you heard it here first). If you don’t know what they are you should listen to Maxim’s talk straight away. Angular makes it very easy to create PWA’s and Maxim talked us through:

  • speeding up an app with caching
  • installing an app to a phone
  • sending notifications to a phone
Angular Connect 2017
Angular Connect 2017

Angular Dynamic Pages by Jesus Rodriguez and Ward Bell

The award for most entertaining talk has to go to Jesus Rodriguez and Ward Bell. They had everyone in stitches. Ward and Jesus explained how the website was built and the challenges they faced. They showed us how they sprinkle Angular throughout the Angular documentation, inverting the concept of a SPA (the pages are HTML with Angular tags, rather than a SPA containing HTML).  A problem I regularly see clients face.

Angular Elements by Rob Wormald

How many date pickers does the world need? A lot apparently! Wouldn’t it be great if you could create one date picker and use it anywhere? Step forward: Web Components.

Web Components are a new technology which will allow developers to create standard, interoperable, components for the web. So, using Angular, you will be able to create a date picker which can be used anywhere and with any framework.

Rob gave us a demo of a Web Component written in Angular running in a react page. Cool.

Angular Forms by Kara Erickson

Angular Forms are easy to learn but difficult to master. Kara walked through some advanced Form topics and made it sound super easy. If you write any Angular code I highly recommend watching her talk. You won’t regret it.

Angular Connect 2017
Can you spot me at the back?

Finally, I’d just like to say “hi” to everyone who attended the ngCommunity lunch. It was great to see so many Angular advocates sharing ideas together. If you are based in Manchester please come along the monthly Angular Workshop. Everyone is welcome.

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