Angular 7 comes into view

A few days ago the first Angular 7 release candidate was tagged in Github. Version 7.0.0-rc.0.

Folks, this is a major milestone and a cause for celebration.

Angular 7 Release Candidate

Reading through the changelog we can see that Ivy and Bazel are on track. Together, they will deliver much faster and much smaller builds.

You can kick the tyres now but if you are more cautious you won’t have long to wait. The Angular team are on track for an October/November release.

Personally, I am hoping for an announcement at Angular Connect 2018 on November 6th/7th.



Don’t forget… The Angular team deprecated mixing template-driven and reactive-forms in Angular 6. If you are still using this strategy you should stop and refactor your code because Angular 7 will not compile.

Going forward you cannot do this:

<form [formGroup]="form">
    <input formControlName="first" [(ngModel)]="value"> 

(Green text = reactive-forms. Red text = template-driven.)

If you want to stick with reactive-forms just remove the [(ngModel)] directive. 

<form [formGroup]="form"> 
    <input formControlName="first"> 

If you want to stick with template-driven forms just remove the <form> tags.

<input [(ngModel)]="value">

When you upgrade to version 7 this code will throw an error (and your code will not compile).

You can read more about this change on the official Angular website.

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