Angular 6 makes upgrading easy

Last week, Angular 6 delivered a feature we’ve been expecting for a while: ng update.

ng update will allow you to update your code automagically whenever there is a new version of Angular. It will migrate your code to the latest version and do all of the tweaking & renaming for you.

For example, The Angular 5 configuration file (.angular-cli.json) has been replaced with the Angular 6 workspace file (.angular.json), a new file the lays the foundation for multiple projects in a single workspace.

ng update makes this migration easy. It creates the new file for you and copies all your settings into the new structure. Awesome.

What’s even more interesting is that you can also provide your own schematics for ng update, which means that any 3rd party library which needs it’s users to migrate to the latest version, can also use ng upgrade to make this happen!

Schematics are wonderful and promise to revolutionise Javascript development. You can read more about them here.

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