Angular 5 released today – see what’s new

The Angular team have announced that Angular 5.0.0 is ready for primetime. Angular 5 is a major release containing many new features and bug fixes.

My favourite new features are:

  • Production builds are better (improved optimisation creates smaller bundles).
  • Dev builds are faster (incremental compilation has improved, especially for production builds and builds with AOT)
  • Universal apps are easier to create (it’s easier to share application state between the server-side and client-side)
  • TypeScript transforms are now supported (making incremental rebuilds dramatically faster)
  • Internationalised number, date, and currency pipes (new number, date, and currency pipes increase standardisation across browsers and drop the need for i18n polyfills).
  • Zones are faster by default (and its possible to bypass zones entirely for performance-focused applications).
  • Angular Forms adds updateOn Blur / Submit (You can now run validation and value updates on `blur` or on `submit`, instead of on every input event).
  • New router life-cycle events (allowing developers to track the cycle of the router from the start of running guards through to completion of activation)

If you are ready to update the Angular team have produced a guide to make the process painless.

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