Angular 5.1 and Angular CLI 1.6 ready for primetime

Hot on the heels of Angular 5.0 we have Angular 5.1.0. This is a minor release containing several smaller features and bugfixes.

Angular CLI 1.6 and the first stable release of Angular Material have also been released. Visit for documentation and demos.

CLI 1.6 Service Worker Support

Angular CLI 1.6 includes support for building applications which take advantage of this new feature. Using @angular/service-worker can improve the loading performance of your applications in browsers which support the API, and make your application’s loading experience more like that of a natively installed app.

Angular Universal

To add Universal in your current CLI application, you can now use the following commands in your project:

ng generate universal

Replacing with the name you want to give your universal app. This will take your current application and create a Universal module, and configure your angular-cli.json file automatically for you.

To build your Universal app, simply run the following command:

ng build --app=xxx

TypeScript 2.5 support

Angular has been updated to TypeScript 2.5, which is recommended for all developers. This release of TypeScript includes several helpful advanced features.

You can upgrade TypeScript by running

npm install typescript@'2.5.3'.

This update is optional.

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